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Local and European Elections to be held on 23rd May

Cork East Fine Gael TD, David Stanton has called on all voters in East Cork to check the electoral register to ensure they have a vote ahead of this year’s Local and European Elections. Both elections will take place on Friday, 23rd May but the deadline for inclusion on the supplement is Tuesday 6th May.

“I would ask all eligible voters in East Cork to check that they have a vote on or by going to their local Garda Station, Post Office or library which all have copies of the electoral register. If you are not on the register, or you need to change your address, you will need to apply for inclusion on the supplement to the register before 6th May.

“People should note that there are a number of different forms for inclusion on the supplement and ensure that they get the correct one. Form RFA2 is for people who has not previously been registered to vote but would like to vote in these elections and form RFA3 is for anyone wishing to change their address. Anyone planning on completing one of these forms to submit before the deadline should note that they will need a member of An Garda Siochana to witness them signing the form and that proof of identity such as photo identification may be required by the Garda before he or she does this.

“While anyone residing here has a right to vote in the Local Elections and can use the above forms to register, all European Union citizens also have a right to vote in the European Elections. Any EU citizens (except Irish and British citizens) who are not registered to vote and wish to vote in the European Parliament elections will also need to complete form EP1.

“Forms RFA2, RFA3 and EP1 are available for download from or by contacting the Franchise Section of Cork County Council. Alternatively, I would be happy to provide anyone needing one if they wish to contact my constituency office at 29 St Mary’s Road, Midleton (Tel: 021 4632867/email: if they would like to collect a form or have one sent out to them.

“The right to vote is central to our democracy and it is important that anyone who is eligible to vote makes sure they exercise that right. Closing date for inclusion on the supplementary register is Tuesday, 6th May and any forms received by the Franchise Office of Cork County Council after this date cannot be accepted”, concluded Deputy Stanton.