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The Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality is inviting written submissions from interested groups or individuals in relation to the Effects of Gangland Crime on the communities throughout Ireland.

Committee Chairman David Stanton TD said: “The increase in gangland or organised crime, along with the rise in the level of violence involved in those crimes, has a huge impact on many communities throughout the country and is an issue of concern, not just for those communities but for society as a whole. As part of our work programme, Deputy Finian McGrath has agreed to produce a report with recommendations on the Gangland Crime issue. The Justice Committee is considering the effects of organised crime on communities and is seeking submissions on the issue. The Justice Committee is interested to hear what can be done, in addition to present efforts, to protect and aid citizens and local communities affected by gangland crime. I am pleased that Deputy McGrath has agreed to tackle this issue and that the other members look forward to his report.”

Written submissions should be sent electronically by email (MS Word or equivalent) and should be received not later than 3pm on Friday 19th September 2014 at the following email address only:

It is essential that submissions are concise and to the point. Submissions should address that specific matter under consideration, and should not contain any unnecessary or superfluous material that does not relate directly to the subject.

The Committee will consider any suitable written submissions received and may decide to invite a number of contributors to public hearings should it be considered necessary. Those making submissions should be aware that any submissions made to a Committee may be published either as part of a Committee report, or separately, if the Committee decides to do so.

Further details on making a submission can be accessed at:—gangland-crime.docx