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The Fine Gael General Election Manifesto launched on Sunday provides the stability and certainty needed to keep the recovery going says David Stanton, Fine Gael general election candidate in East Cork.

“Fine Gael’s promise to the people is to maintain the solid economic foundation on which they can build and improve their lives. This means no more boom and bust and no more waste of taxpayers’ money”, said David Stanton.

“Our manifesto is based on our Long Term Economic Plan to Keep the Recovery Going which has three steps:

1. More and Better Jobs – 200,000 extra jobs by 2020 supported by a €4 billion jobs fund

2. Making Work Pay – abolishing the USC and reforming the welfare system to make work always pay more than welfare

3. Investing in Public Services – with more people at work and paying taxes we will be able to recruit 10,000 extra nurses, teachers and Gardaí

“In 2011, Fine Gael promised to get Ireland working again. Working with the people, this Government implemented a recovery plan to bring us to where we are today. Together, we ended the bailout and restored our international reputation. We supported the changes to help create 135,000 extra jobs since 2012. Fine Gael has a plan to support the creation of another 200,000 jobs by 2020

“Our focus when coming into Government was to create jobs as without new jobs, there is no recovery and no money to invest in new services. It’s a simple as that. Everybody wants to see taxes reduced and more investment in public services but without a growing economy and more jobs this will not be possible. This is the real choice facing the electorate on Friday 26th February”, concluded David Stanton.