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For Written Answer on : 26/07/2022
Question Number(s): 1115 Question Reference(s): 41018/22
Department: Education
Asked by:  David Stanton T.D.


* To ask the Minister for Education further to Parliamentary Question No. 412 of 31 May 2022, the measures that are in place for the upcoming 2022/2023 school year with respect to the entitlement to school transport for students attending their second nearest school; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

– David Stanton T.D.

For WRITTEN answer on Tuesday, 26 July, 2022.


School Transport is a significant operation managed by Bus Éireann on behalf of the Department of Education. In the current school year over 121,400 children, including over 15,500 children with special educational needs, are transported on a daily basis to primary and post-primary schools throughout the country at a cost of over €289m in 2021.

Under the terms of the School Transport Schemes children are eligible for transport at primary level where they reside not less than 3.2 kms from and are attending their nearest national school, and at post primary level where they reside not less than 4.8 kms from and are attending their nearest post primary school/education centre as determined by the Department/Bus Éireann, having regard to ethos and language.

As you are aware, the Department commenced a review of the School Transport Scheme in February 2021. The review is being conducted with a view to examining the current scheme and how it currently operates, its broader effectiveness and sustainability and that it adequately supports the provision of services to students and their families.

The review encompasses the School Transport Scheme for Children with Special Educational Needs and the Primary and Post-Primary School Transport Schemes in terms of how each element of the schemes currently operate, to include eligibility criteria, trends, costs and cost drivers, and overall effectiveness in meeting the objectives of the schemes.  The review will also examine the potential for integration of different strands of the scheme and a more co-ordinated approach with other Government Departments that also use transport services.  

Following commencement of this review the Steering Group presented me with an initial interim report in June 2021.  Following consideration of this report, I approved the extension of temporary alleviation measures for the 2021/22 school year for transport for post-primary students who were otherwise eligible for school transport but were attending their second nearest school and had applied and paid on time.  

Wider considerations relating to operation of the scheme are now taking place in the next phase of the review which is currently underway.  The Technical Working Group has undertaken extensive consultation over the last number of months; including running a public survey for parents/guardians and students who use the service and those who do not use the service but who would like to.  These engagements have yielded extensive data for consideration.  The Group has also consulted with a broad array of stakeholders including schools, special education interest groups, industry representatives and other Government Departments.

A number of meetings have been convened in recent weeks with both the Technical Working Group and the Steering Group with a view to finalising the second phase of the review.  

Decisions in regard to measures for the 2022/23 school year will be made shortly and it is anticipated that the completion of the final phases of the review will be in the shortest timeframe possible.  Once finalised, I will consider the recommendations made in the final report.

The Steering Group will continue to report to me on an interim basis as the review progresses.