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The Fianna Fáil/Green Government and the Minister of Defence are squandering money we don’t have on a move we don’t need by planning to spend €1 million to move the high-tech communications and operations sections of the of the Department of Defence and Defence Forces as part of decentralisation according to Fine Gael Defence Spokesperson David Stanton TD.

“I have been told that the cost of moving the communications and operations sections of the Department and Defence Forces from the current Department of Defence Headquarters will cost over €1 million. That is a scandalous waste of money at a time when we don’t have any.

“The Minister said in the Dáil that the communications centre employs some 50 personnel and has considerable physical communications facilities. He also advised that this equipment and infrastructure would have to be rebuilt or replaced if it were to be moved somewhere. He couldn’t say how much it would cost. I understand it may cost over €1 million.

“I maintain that the Minister should stop the further decentralisation of the army from Parkgate House. Parkgate House is an iconic military building with great historical importance. British military headquarters moved there in 1913 and it was there that Pearse signed the letter of surrender in 1916. In 1923, Parkgate House became headquarters for the Irish Free State Army.

“Defence staff from other locations in Dublin could easily be moved here. Parkhouse should, and could, be retained by use for the Department of Defence and Defence Forces. This is just example of 2