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Cork East Fine Gael TD and Minister for State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton, launched the Calls for Proposals for EU Funded Migrant Integration and Gender Equality Projects yesterday at the Department of Justice & Equality.

“I am delighted to be opening these Calls for Proposals for migrant integration and gender equality projects. This is a very significant funding package with a total of €13.3 million over a four year period being made available for migrant integration and gender equality projects”, said Minister Stanton.

“Migrant integration and gender equality are key responsibilities of mine as Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration. The projects supported by this funding will provide practical help for immigrants, such as English language classes and workplace training schemes, as well as anti-racism and cultural diversity initiatives. They will also improve equality of opportunity and assist women in employment and self-employment.

“Almost one in eight of us are non-Irish, and over one third of that group are from outside the European Union. This increased diversity presents us with an opportunity to enrich our culture, to expand our economy, and, more generally, to share ideas and learn from each other. These changes can also present challenges, which must be addressed if we are to avoid exclusion and isolation in our communities. The funding I have announced today should help our communities to meet these challenges.”

“As regards equality of opportunity for women and men I am concerned that there remains a significant gap between male and female employment rates in Ireland, and a still greater gap among its executives and entrepreneurs. Funding for gender equality initiatives will to support the further expansion of women’s opportunities at work and contribution to our economy not just as employees, but also as entrepreneurs.”

“I would urge anyone wishing to find out more about these EU funding programmes to make contact with the EU Funds Unit of the Department of Justice and Equality by email at:

“In addition to these funding programmes, my Department is also working hard on other initiatives to support migrants and women. A new National Women’s Strategy is currently being developed and a Migrant Integration Strategy is close to being finalised by the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration”, concluded Minister Stanton.