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For Written Answer on : 15/09/2021
Question Number(s): 509 Question Reference(s): 43299/21
Department: Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science
Asked by: David Stanton T.D.


To ask the Minister for Further and Higher Education; Research; Innovation and Science the number of apprenticeships taken up in each of the years 2016 to 2020 inclusive; the number of those who have left apprenticeship programmes in the same period in tabular form; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


(See attached file: Attachment 1.xlsx)

Since the release of the Action Plan to Expand Apprenticeship and Traineeship in Ireland 2016-2020, there has been an increase in the number of apprenticeship registrations year on year since 2016. Due to the unprecedented crisis that Covid-19 caused on our education and training sector, registrations for apprenticeships dropped but recovered strongly in the latter half of the year, with 5,326 registrations reached by year end.

The Action Plan for Apprenticeship 2021-2025 was launched on 19th April and sets out a five year plan which sets out new ways of structuring, funding, and promoting apprenticeships to make apprenticeship accessible to employers and learners.  The actions set out in the plan seek to deliver on a target of 10,000 apprenticeship registrations per annum by 2025.

The information requested by the Deputy in relation to the number of apprenticeships taken up in each of the years 2016 to 2020 inclusive and the number of those who have left apprenticeship programmes in the same period in tabular form is attached in Attachment 1.

The majority of apprentices leave their Apprenticeship as they withdraw from it, and they do this for a variety of reasons. The definition for each of three categories on the ‘left trade’ sheet is as follows:

  • Withdrew – this could be for a number of reasons, including failed assessments / resit of assessments, pursued another career / educational programme,  serious illness etc
  • Redundant – released from employment due to lack of work – the apprentice is still eligible to re-sit assessments
  • Unemployed – left employer for any other reason – the apprentice is eligible to re-sit assessments
Apprentice Registrations for Years 2016 – 2020 Across all Trades
Accounting Technician 718812496
Agricultural Mechanics4345414452
Aircraft Mechanics3953747250
Arboriculture    3
Auctioneering and Property Services  539275
Brick and Stonelaying5260818056
Butcher  73710
Carpentry and Joinery399443591597563
CGI Technical Artist   7 
Chef de Partie  31405
Commis Chef 251126216
Construction Plant Fitting5986717363
Cybersecurity   1330
Electrical Instrumentation10612010812562
Electronic Security Systems2872657645
Engineering Services Management   1017
Geo Driller   218
Hairdressing   1484
Heavy Vehicle Mechanics136143176174135
Industrial Electrical Engineer1219252830
Industrial Insulation1021192023
Insurance Practitioner6786807049
International Financial Services Associate 1511917
International Financial Services Specialist 18101218
Laboratory Analyst  22118
Laboratory Technician  141012
Lean Sigma Manager    39
Logistics Associate  273453
Manufacturing Engineering (Level 7) 36202720
Manufacturing Technology (Level 6) 40342930
Metal Fabrication186224234266198
Motor Mechanics420353380408310
Network Engineer Associate  224422
OEM Engineer   1116
Painting and Decorating2744303124
Polymer Processing Technology 25151311
Principal Engineer    5
Print Media42   
Recruitment Executive    27
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning7910611912273
Retail Supervision   76101
Sales    30
Sheet Metalworking4053705741
Software Developer Associate  396642
Sous Chef   53
Stonecutting and Stonemasonry28733
Supply Chain Manager    11
Supply Chain Specialist    10
Telecommunications and Data Network Technician   5031
Vehicle Body Repairs5846405131
Wood Manufacturing and Finishing71599510275
Grand Total38214843564761775326
Apprentices that have left between 2016 and 2020. (incl those that were made redundant and unemployed)2016 Total2017 Total2018 Total2019 Total2020 Total
Accounting Technician 2625193
Agricultural Mechanics10141375
Aircraft Mechanics141314203
Arboriculture    2
Auctioneering and Property Services  5104
Brick and Stonelaying2634342714
Butcher   82
Carpentry and Joinery12713617814791
Chef de Partie  1814 
Commis Chef 1652192
Construction Plant Fitting122323198
Cybersecurity   13
Electrical Instrumentation273126156
Electronic Security Systems102720249
Engineering Services Management   32
Geo Driller    1
Hairdressing   512
Heavy Vehicle Mechanics2930394914
Industrial Electrical Engineer13351
Industrial Insulation612948
Insurance Practitioner212414166
International Financial Services Associate 3 22
International Financial Services Specialist 51 1
Laboratory Analyst  1  
Laboratory Technician  97 
Lean Sigma Manager    3
Logistics Associate  337
Manufacturing Engineering (Level 7) 52 2
Manufacturing Technology (Level 6) 71024
Metal Fabrication5784496228
Motor Mechanics1259811311844
Network Engineer Associate   3121
OEM Engineer   11
Painting and Decorating101210143
Polymer Processing Technology 7421
Print Media1    
Recruitment Executive    4
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning1934172510
Retail Supervision   2719
Sales    10
Sheet Metalworking1726362210
Software Developer Associate   9142
Sous Chef   22
Stonecutting and Stonemasonry 1 13
Supply Chain Manager    4
Telecommunications and Data Network Technician   44
Vehicle Body Repairs2114182113
Wood Manufacturing and Finishing2318313413
Grand Total968130213431273647