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“Many local roads and byroads are in a dreadful condition following the unprecedented rainfall recently”, said East Cork TD, David Stanton. “My office is inundated with calls from people who are concerned, annoyed and angry at the condition of local roads in particular. Even the N25, west of Midleton, needs major upgrade.”

“I have noted the recent debate at Cork County Council and the decision by the Council to make extra funding available for the repair of local roads. I have also noted the relaxation on overtime for workers. I have again been in contact with both the Minister’s Office and the National Roads Authority on the issue”.

“While I accept that it was difficult in the last number of months to carry out any works due to the extremely adverse weather conditions and the time of year I will again be pressing both the Minister and the Council to carry out major works over the next number of months on many of the roads that are in an extremely bad condition. It is also important that drains and gullies be cleared to enable water to flow off the roads and that these drains and gullies be maintained into the future”.